Ferhat Göçer

Ferhat Göçer


Ferhat Göçer

Graduate of both İstanbul University Medical and State Conservatory Music, Ferhat Göçer had to terminate his 2 year contract with State Opera and Ballet for his obligatory duty of medical service as a doctor.

After his arrival in İstanbul he started working in Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital as general surgent. During his medical work, he focused on his ideal of combining Turkish music with the classical education he took and spread it globally. Until this day he continues to serve as a general surgent and also as a singer.

Ferhat Göçer, is an extra ordinary singer as he has an repertoire of global opera compositions, songs from Napolitans and Rembeticos, hits of Turkish Art Music to Turkish Folk Music and Western Slow Music. He founded the first private Symphoni Orchestra and breaks new records of audience in his concerts. His first albüm was released in 2005 and enter the charts from the top. With his second albüm “    Yolun Açık Olsun” he won the most prestigious awards of music in Turkey.  With his third albüm he continued his rising success.

By combining anatolian sounds with universal symphoni, creating a harmony between sharp and various styles is his goal.  In his tour “Anadolu Aryaları” he travelled from Istanbul to Diyarbakır, Gaziantep to İzmir.  He starred in concert with Gino Castelli, Alessandro Safina, Al Bano Carrisi, Patrizio Buanne, Michael Bolton and Emma Shapplin building bridges with stars of diverse cultures.

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