Women in Games Turkey, Founder and Board Member of OYUNDER


Simay graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Business and Administration in 2005.

During the last decade she has studied, worked and travelled extensively from America to Asia with the spirit of entrepreneurship, 30 different countries so far.

After came back to Turkey, she created the Turkey’s first creative entrepreneurship village ‘Small Village Small World’ project.

The project aimed to take the attention to the “Culture and Creative Arts” element in a small town village called Küçük Köy  how it integrates people and how it could be a breathe for them live happy in it. This social entrepreneurship project will be the 1st innovative model in Turkey regarding the mix concept; dedicated to showcasing artworks within the interaction of science, technology, art, innovation under an existing and unique concept of a Smart Village getting ready to welcome indepent artists, design studios, maker spaces, game labs, digital art collectives and project spaces.

In that village she is the co-founder of Kıraarthane Games which is an incubation center for digital art.

She is the producer of Recontact:Istanbul which is selected as a Best mobile game from Turkey 2015 by Apple

She is the board member of OYUNDER, is a non-profit association founded for the purpose of supporting & representing Turkish Game Industry.

Simay is the founder of Women in Games Turkey.Her mission put women’s energy and creativity to game industry so its worth mentioning that she is the Media Leader of Arya Women’ Investment Platform and Angel Investor in the Rising Tide Europe

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